Genco World Cup

Get ready for the greatest game on earth

Whoever you support the crunch time has come as football fever takes over the globe for the next month. But from where will you be enjoying the view? Whether you’re figuratively skipping school, dodging work or bluffing your loved one’s blind-side Genco can help close the gap between you and the nearest television in style.


For the next four weeks we will be keeping our doors open until 9pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and screening all the games in Genco Chiswick.

Instead of fighting to get a drink at the bar and standing-room-only at the back we’re inviting you to lie back in one of our barber chairs and cheer on England in complete comfort. In addition to free drinks and calm-your-nerves cocktails there will also be complimentary snacks and food on hand when you need it most. There’ll be be no half-time oranges or stamped-on bar scratchings here, so watch the game with us in comfort as we pamper you rotten.

Better than being in the chairman’s box

If you fancy a haircut, shave or beard trim while you’re with us just simply make an appointment in the run-up to each screened game and our team will be there for you.  As to be expected from Genco, there will be a lot of good natured banter and footballing hilarity as each game unfolds. There may also be a couple of fun surprises on the night as well.

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Join our instant football experts

Genco World Cup
As every major sporting event approaches so do the opinions. So why not ease your way into the footie now with Genco’s very own panel of expert commentators? The big TV stations may have their “special ones” but this is our own crack ensemble of footballing wit and wisdom.

Over the course of the entire competition we’ll be releasing a series of short tongue-in-cheek videos featuring the Genco team giving their thoughts and reactions to all things “Football”. Each video will be released through our Facebook page and the very first episode can be viewed right now. That said, you can also keep up to date with the our Instant Experts through our Twitter account and using the tag #justaddfootball, so follow us on Twitter here now.

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