Why pay for a decent men’s hair cut

Your hair is an intrinsic part of your identity.
Why scrimp on it?

We all know the truism that is in life you tend to get what you pay for. It is interesting to note that your hair which is on show all the time doesn’t always get the money spent on it that say a designer shirt or a pair of jeans will. And just as it is with clothes, with hair, and especially men’s hair,  the cheaper the cut the less long its shape lasts, and the less well it ‘fits’ you.

In our opinion it is a false economy to not spend decent money on your hair, and get it cut well and professionally each time

Unisex salons don’t always cater well for men

It is because of the fact that so many unisex salons do not take men’s hair as seriously as they do women’s hair (because their stylists are on commission and hence make more money on women’s hair), that we started Genco. We wanted to give men a place where there were dedicated professional stylists that had a passion for men’ s hair. Because we only look after men, we can create an environment and experience which is totally male friendly.

When hair is cut well, you get it cut less often

The other reason to pay for a decent men’s hair cut, is that the cut lasts longer.  A good men’s hair stylist not only creates the right style for your face shape, personality and attitude to grooming, but the stylist also pays attention to the detail that can make a hair style keep its shape longer. At Genco your stylist will spend a good 10 minutes making sure that your men’s haircut is finished well.  Typically our clients come back to us between 6 to 8 weeks. So contrast this with getting your hair cut every 3 to 4 weeks because it loses its shape in that time. The economics work out the same or better to go somewhere more premium, but also, the better salons give better service and you actually enjoy being there rather than it being a chore.


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