What happens during a back waxing session?

As the back and shoulders are the most common areas to be waxed, we’ll concentrate on that here. Your session can last up to 30 minutes, depending on how large the area that needs to be waxed is, and how dense the hair growth is.

Step 1 – Mens Back Waxing Consultation

We will assess your skin and make sure that there are no reasons why your skin may not be suitable for your mens back waxing treatment. Common reasons why we would advise against a wax treatment include:

– recent bruising or haemorrhage on the skin
– diabetes
– defective circulation
– folliculitis (infection of the follicles)
– recent scar tissue

The following may restrict where you may be waxed:

– cuts
– abrasions
– heat rash
– warts
– hairy moles

Step 2 – Prewax cleanse

We will then cleanse the back using high-quality skin cleanser specifically designed for waxing. This reduces the risk of folliculitis (infection of the hair follicles).

Step 3 – The mens waxing itself

As the back is a large area and because the skin is fairly tough we tend to use a strip wax method. We apply warm wax with a wax cartridge attached to a roller. This is applied in the direction of your hair growth. We then apply a strip of paper (specifically designed for this purpose – it isn’t cut out A4 printer paper) over the area where the wax has been applied. Our therapists will then use their hand to stretch your skin as much as possible – this helps minimise the pain, and then will pull the strip off in the opposite direction to the hair growth. This step is repeated until your back is free of hair. Our therapists are very careful and ensure that the last end of the strip is pulled off keeping the same horizontal angle – this ensures that there is no pain from pulling the strip ‘upwards’ at the end of the pull.

Step 4 – Apply after wax lotion

We will use a specific after wax lotion to remove any residual wax that may be on your back. This lotion has ingredients to guard against infection and soreness.


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