Traditional Barber Shave

Price List

  • 01.Shave
    1 hr
    Genco signature shave, incoroporating a mini-facial. Scrub, deep cleanse, rehydration
    3 Shavels
    45 min
    Beard Design
    30 min
    Quick Beard Trim
    15 min

Traditional Barber Shave

You can’t beat the experience of a traditional barber shave using a cut throat razor. A relaxing 40 – 60 minutes, being swathed in hot towels and being treated by experts, leaves you looking incredibly sharp and feeling invigorated and ready for the rest of the day. We guarantee that your partner will appreciate your baby smooth skin too.

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Our signature shave – The Shavel

As well as it being relaxing and a nice treat, a traditional barber shave is also incredibly good for your skin. And in the Shavel we have taken some elements of a modern mens facial and incorporated them into a shave. It takes longer than the classic shave, because we have added a few more steps designed to cleanse, nourish and tone your skin as well as getting your face baby-bottom smooth.

Course of 3 traditional barber shaves

We have realised that once you have had a traditional barber shave, whether its our classic shave or our signature shave the Shavel, you will want another. That’s why you can buy a course of 3 classic shaves for £69. All you do is pay for them upfront and just make sure that you have all 3 shaves within a 6 month period.


What Others think

  • Excellent service, as expected for the price. Hairdresser noted previous poor hairdressing (from a different barber) and corrected with detail. Nice extra touches with the scalp massage. Wasn't a big fan of the massage chairs. Overall I came out really happy with the service/result.

    -Excellent Men’s Hairdressers

    A.Hislop - visited Notting Hill June 2017default thumb
  • This is my second time to Genco from Chiswick, I've had a facial and beard done before. The stylist very good. The result was an amazing beard design and shape that my wife loves. Im seem to be getting a lot more attention. All I would say towards to the end the stylist could have used some beard balm and products of my beard. But other than that it was a very good job. I will be sure to visit again.
  • Really enjoyed my first visit, staff were excellent and the treatment was better than I expected. Wish there were some locations in central london too.
  • First visit to Genco, very satisfied, good customer service and attentive staff.
  • Prepared for the worst, in that as a hirsute male about to have my first chest and back waxing, I arrived ready for a great level of pain, and so when I was greeted by the friendly staff I was immediately put at ease. The place itself is warm and inviting, painted in rich colours and very tidy. Samia was extremely professional and started by asking me specific questions to the upcoming task and explaining exactly how she would go about the procedure. Throughout the waxing Samia guided me with breathing techniques to minimise the discomfort and encouraged me with the progress we were making. Samia also explained what I needed to do for the next 24 hours after leaving Genco. The very best of a potentially uncomfortable procedure!
  • Friendly staff, great looking place and overall great experience.

    -Friendly Staff, great looking place

    F.Talukder-visited Richmond 26th June 2017default thumb
  • I had Neil and it was my first time at Genco. He made me feel welcome and comfortable in the shop as well as giving me great service. Would highly recommend this to anyone.

    -Felt Welcomed and Comfortable

    H.Stockley - visited Richmond 1st July 2017default thumb
  • Such a cool vibe in the salon, was pleasantly greeted on arrival and offered a selection of drinks. The guys made us very comfortable whilst we waited for the therapist (Sam). Sam was lovely, talked us through the treatment and offered her professional advice, she was great, I am very happy with the outcome. Will definitely return. DJones - Visited Notting Hill Salon
  • If you’re looking for any sort of grooming, from a hair cut to a foot massage, with a cool, relaxed and friendly atmosphere then look no further. I’ve always been very well looked after and it is really nice to feel so at home in a place where you get treated and pampered.

    -Pete Reed

    chiswickw4.comdefault thumb
  • Men - don't fear a bit of male grooming! I have to admit I was a little hesitant about a trip to Genco upon request and recommendation of my girlfriend, but I needn't have worried. Friendly staff, great atmosphere and even better results!