Why have a traditional barbers shave?

A traditional barbers shave is great for the skin

Apart from the fact that it is a great experience, the traditional barbers shave with hot towels and a cut throat razor  is very hard working in itself and great for your skin. The shave is much closer than you are likely to achieve in front of the bathroom mirror, and most men regard it as their own version of a skin maintenance programme. We know so much more about the science of skin, that the traditional barbers shave that we provide at Genco, has a few modern twists to it.

The Shavel – our modern twist to the traditional barbers shave

At Genco we have added a few extra steps to the traditional shave incorporating skin techniques borrowed from the beauty industry. During the Shavel (which is a a shave, mixed in with the basics of a facial) we use high quality products to cleanse your skin, and then we use an exfoliating scrub to slough away dead skin cells, and to help soften the bristle and lift it up for a closer shave. After your shave we also include a face mask to nourish your skin, and we finish the shave with a moisturiser and a healing and cooling balm.

Removes razor bumps and in-growing hairs

During the traditional barbers shave, the blade removes up to 4 layers of dead skin cells – so it is like an exfoliation treatment. The shave itself is especially good for getting rid of in-growing hairs as the cut throat razor literally pulls each of them out. You will see blood spots (they are little spots of blood caused by pulling the root of the in-growing hair out) during the shave, but after the shave is finished the bumps created by in-growing hair will subside.

Helps you achieve a closer shave yourself

Regular barbers shaves train your skin and allow you to get closer with your own razor. Your skin becomes resistant to irritation from razor burn, and you are able to shave against the direction of the grain without the fear of causing razor bumps. We have devised a Shave Programme, which allows you to have regular cut throat shaves, at an affordable price – 3 Classic Shaves for £69, that’s £23 each.


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