• Buy 3 haircuts with a senior stylist for £112. You have 6 months to have all your haircuts.

  • Our men's stylists are recruited because they have both creativity and precision.  Our philosophy is that a haircut can bring out and reflect a person's unique personality. You will leave us with a haircut that totally suits you at the same time is contemporary - and it doesn't matter how old you are - you are never too old to be stylish. The experience is like travelling First Class on a plane. You get a choice of drinks from a Gin and Tonic, to a fresh coffee to a simple cup of green tea. You get decent scalp massage on your first hair wash, and a moisturising hot towel treatment when we rinse your hair again after the cut. All this makes for the most relaxing hair cut experience ever.
  • Come in with the chip-off-the-old block for a bit of son and dad bonding. Your little ones get the same professional treatment as the dad and both leave with a stylish and contemporary cut. For the really little ones, we have plenty of distraction material in the salon to keep them engaged. Some of our stylists are parents themselves so are very good with kids who don't want their hair cut. This means that dad can relax and enjoy all that the First Class treatment at Genco provides. Offer only applies to under 12s. (Obviously that's the age of the son and not the mental age of the dad).
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