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  • Beards are our speciality. Looking after a beard is takes discipline and most proud owners of one need a visit to the barbers every now and then to make sure that the beard is conditioned well, and shaped and trimmed to look neat (although not overly groomed). This treatment we have a through consultation and use hot towels, luxury shaving creams, scrubs, oils and moisturisers as we shape, design and trim your beard. We also give you a little lesson in how to look after your beard once you've left the salon.
  • Simple beard Trim Beard tamed and shaped by experts using trimmers and clippers
  • Shavel

    As well as it being relaxing and a nice treat, a traditional barber shave is also incredibly good for your skin. And in the Shavel we have taken some elements of a modern mens facial and incorporated them into a shave. It takes longer than the classic shave, because we have added a few more steps designed to cleanse, nourish and tone your skin as well as getting your face baby-bottom smooth.
  • We have realised that once someone has had a traditional barber shave, then they will want another. This shave programme allows you to get 3 of our signature shaves within a 6 month period at a heavily discounted price. So that's 3 pampering treats at an incredible price.
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