Our therapists specialise in massage for men. They are experienced in working with men’s more muscular bodies and have the stamina and techniques to get deep into the muscle tissue when they perform the massage.



Deep Tissue – Full Body
£ 65.00 (60 Min)
Deep Tissue – Head & Back Massage
£ 50.00 (45 Min)
Deep Tissue – Neck & Shoulder
£ 35.00 (30 Min)


Massages are great for de-stressing, releasing mental and physical tension, increasing your energy levels and enhancing your overall sense of well-being. It is worth making a distinction here regarding stress. Not only does a treatment itself de-stress you, but more importantly, a deep-tissue-massage improves your automatic response to stress – in other words you deal with on-coming stress better.

Deep-tissue massage works on the deeper muscles within your body, and your therapist uses slower firmer strokes than normal massage. If you have a particular area of tension and strain then we can concentrate the massage on those particular areas using deep finger pressure.