Mens Hair Styling Products

Depending on your type of hair, hair-style and the look that you’re creating there is a corresponding mens hair styling product that you should use. There is quite a choice , so it is worth getting a recommendation from your stylist.

Professionl mens styling products use better ingredients

Professional products, use better ingredients than mass supermarket brands, so there is limited residue build-up and the mens hair styling products do not feel cloying or greasy when applied. They are also easy to rinse and wash out of your hair.

No hard sell

When you visit us, your mens hairdresser will recommend a styling product to you and show you how best to use it to style your hair at home. There is nothing worse than loving your hairstyle in the salon, and then not being able to recreate that salon look when you’re on your own at home.  We don’t believe in the hard sell, but we do take our time to educate you and demonstrate how you will benefit from the mens hairstyling product that we’re recommending.

Our recommended Mens hair styling products

Premium mens hair styling products are formulated for specific styles and looks rather than being generic. We use and recommend the following :

Baxters Clay

Very strong hold. Matte finish.

Redken Outplay

Strong hold, chunky textured look. Matte finish.

Redken Work Hard

Easy to apply. Strong hold. Low shine.

Redken Manouver

Medium strength hold. Easy to work into hair. No shine.

Redken Shine Form

Medium strength hold. High shine finish.

Redken Get Groomed

Low hold hair cream. Medium shine. Great for long hair.

Redken Mint Shape

Low hold, low shine finish

Redken Stand Tough

Strong hold for longer hair. Dramatic shapes.

Baxters Slick Pomade

For the Mad Men classic slicked look



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