If you are sporting a beard, as is increasingly fashionable then here are a few tips to help you make sure that it is proudly displayed and well groomed rather than looking either shabby or over-styled. The overall effect of a beard or stubble should be that it looks natural yet tidy and it shouldn’t not look out of place in the board room.

  1. Make sure that its growth is even and covers all the main parts of your face. There is nothing worse than an un-even beard. If hair doesn’t grow in a particular part of your face, then it is probably best to not have a beard at all.
  2. Try and keep the shape as natural as possible. The over-styled, designer beards of the recent past are (in our opinion) decidedly naff.
  3.  Keep your facial hair well trimmed and groomed. There is no real guide to what the length of your beard hair should be, as this depends on your overall face shape and look you’re trying to achieve. However, make sure it is tidy, and that it tapers off nicely. Try to avoid hard edges to the beard.
  4. Condition your beard so that hair looks healthy and clean. Normal hair conditioner is fine, although there are specific products available. A conditioned beard will feel softer and cleaner to the touch. This will be appreciated especially by your partner.

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