Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage uses heated smooth flat stones placed on key positions on the body. Your therapist will hold the stone and use it to massage particular areas of your body depending on what she thinks will be the best treatment for you.

The stones are placed usually on specific points the back, palms of the hand, and between the toes, although this will vary depending on the therapsists analysis of your needs.

What’s the benefit of the Hot stones?

Hot stones were used in ancient times – the heat of the stones relaxes the muscles allowing the therapist to go deeper into the muscle layers without using strong pressure. All our therpaists are trained specifically to massage men’s more muscular bodies, and the hot stones allow the therapist to get even deeper using lighter strokes than a deep-tissue-massage, resulting in a an extremely relaxing therapy.

More about the hot stones themselves

They are formed by volcanic basalt and are smooth and round. They have particular properties that means they retain their heat at a constant temperature long enough for us to perform the therapy.

The stones are immersed in water and heated using a special heater until they are at a specific temperature range.

In ancient times, the stones were placed on points on the body thought to be energy centres of the body. Some therpaists still work in this way.


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