Beards and how to look after them

Beard Maintenance

So even though back in 2013 many pundits were claiming that we had
reached peak beard saturation, in 2016 there appears to be no sign of
the trend reversing. Yet there is a fine line between a man’s proud
display of individuality and masculinity and a man just looking plain
scruffy, unkempt and lazy.

Yes, keeping a beard takes out the effort of shaving, but
commitment is required to make sure your beard is looking it’s

Take regular trips to the barber for shaping and trimming for
sure, but that doesn’t mean you can completely out source your beard
care. Some maintenance at home is essential.

Use Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

Keeping your beard clean and soft is common sense and using a specialist
beard shampoo and conditioner is a must to keep your pride and joy
bacteria free. A lot has been said and written about whether beards are
hygenic or not. Some say the beard is a hot bed of nasty bacteria,Beard shampoo and conditioner
others say there is no difference between a shaven face and a bearded
face. Some even have reported that beards have the right environment for
cultivating antibiotics. Whatever the truth is, most of us won’t argue
with the need to shampoo and condition. Whether we should fork out on
specialist beard products or just use whatever is in the bathroom is a
different story though.

In our years of looking after other people’s beards, the most common
issue we come across is dry skin under the beard which can look as if
the person is suffering from beard dandruff. Usually the cause of this
is that the person is using shampoo and conditioner designed for the
scalp. There is less natural oil under the beard than on the scalp and
hair shampoos are just too harsh for facial skin, causing the facial
skin to dry out and flake. The situation is then exacerbated during
autumn and winter when it gets colder. This is why we recommend
specialist beard shampoos and conditioners. They have roughly the same
ingredients as normal shampoo and conditioner but in different
quantities and concentrations which means they are less harsh for facial
skin and so avoid the face drying.

The ingredients used for fragrance are more suitable to facial hair and
leave a very subtle scent only noticeable by someone else when then get
really close to you.

If you’ve ever got hair shampoo or conditioner in your mouth then you’ll
know how horrible that is. Whilst under no circumstances should you
start to snack on beard shampoo and conditioner, they are formulated to
taste less disgusting (some even say sweet) as inevitably some will find
it’s way on to your tongue. (Please do not start to eat Beard Shampoo
and conditioner).

Use Beard Oil

After washing your beard we recommend using Beard Oil to further
moisturise both the skin underneath the beard and the actual beard
itself. By lubricating the skin underneath the beard, you stop any kind
of flaking and the oil lubricates the hairs so they feel less coarse and
lie more flat against the skin and the beard looks neat without straggly
hair jutting out to spoil the overall shape.

The beard oil also doubles up as a cologne leaving a subtle scent. For
maximum benefit it is worth investing in a beard comb so that you can
distribute the oil evenly through the beard. After combing use your
hands to scrunch up the hair if you have naturally curly beard hair and
shape the beard accordingly.

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